The Estate of JEFF KEEN

Selected Works

Jeff Keen, RAYDAY Clock, c1962, acrylic letters, found clock, 45.5 x 35.5 cm
Jeff Keen, Marvo Movie Helmet, 1960s, paint, found helmet, 17 x 24 x 20 cm
Jeff Keen, The Island of the Film (White Dust), 1970s, plastic, paint, 10 x 11 x 13.5 cm
Jeff Keen, Vietnam Diptych, 1969, acrylic on hardboard, 61 x 92.5 cm
Jeff Keen, Plane over Target, 1970, acrylic on hardboard, 122 x 122 cm
Jeff Keen, Spectacles Case, c1962, box, spectacles, black paint, 56 x 36cm
Jeff Keen, The Way West, 1973 ca, mixed media and plastic inflatable plane on hardboard, 60 x 40 cm
Jeff Keen, Silverhead’s Gun, 1960s, spraypaint, cloth, plastic gun, string, wire
Jeff Keen, RAZE Box, wooden box, wires, 18.5 x 17.5 x 26 cm
Jeff Keen, Rayday Film, 1968-70, 16mm film, 13 mins
Jeff Keen, Meatdaze, 1968, 16mm film, 8 mins
Jeff Keen, Flik Flak, 1964-1965, early 8mm film
Jeff Keen, Cineblatz, 1967, 16mm film, 3 mins
Jeff Keen, Meatdaze, 1968, 16mm Film
Jeff Keen, Atlantiz Box (Toys & Flowers), 1970s, mixed media, 19.5 x 33 x 22.5 cm
Jeff Keen, Amazing Rayday (variation on Amazing Rayday Secret Comic #1), ca 1961-62, black and white paper, 42 x 29.5 cm
Jeff Keen, Amazing Rayday (Secret Comic #4), 1961-2 ca, colour paper collage, pen, 42 x 32 cm
Jeff Keen, The Garden, 1949, pencil on paper, 20.5 x 15.5 cm
Jeff Keen, Children Bringing Home Firewood, 1950, watercolour and pencil on paper, 37 x 29 cm
Jeff Keen, Nurex Limited, 1950, ink on paper, 26.5 x 21.5 cm unframed
Jeff Keen, Yeastvite Street Sign, 1952, 38 x 57 cm unframed
Jeff Keen, Flower Still Life, 1949, watercolour, coloured pencil and pen on paper, 35 x 25.5 cm
Jeff Keen, Landscape with Figure, 1950, watercolour and pencil on paper, 27 x 37 cm unframed
Jeff Keen, installation view of Tate Tanks, London, 2012
Jeff Keen, installation view of Tate Tanks, London, 2012
Jeff Keen, installation view of Tate Tanks, London 2012
Jeff Keen, White Dust, 1972, Dr G's Home Movies
Jeff Keen, Meatdaze, 1968, 16mm film
Jeff Keen, Marvo Movie, 1967, 16mm film
Jeff Keen, installation view, Brighton Museum, 2013


Born 1923 in Trowbridge, died 2012 in Brighton, UK
In the early 1960’s, Jeff Keen participated regularly in Happenings and related events at Better Books on Charing Cross Road.  Better Books was a centre of underground arts activity. Many artists showed work there, including Bruce Lacey, Jeff Nuttall, John Latham and Steve Dwoskin.  Better Books also attracted sympathetic writers and poets including William Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg, and Burroughs himself contributed cut-up texts to Keen’s RAYDAY Comics series. Keen was very active at Better Books – staging Expanded Cinema events, poetry readings with Bob Cobbing and at least one joint exhibition with Jeff Nuttall.
Keen was one of the co-founders of the London Film-makers Co-op, an organisation that was first conceived at Better Books. Unfortunately there is little in the way of photographic records or archival material that document this exciting period in Keen’s life.
From the 1970’s onwards Keen concentrated mostly on touring film shows, Expanded Cinema performances, film lectures and teaching whilst continuing to paint, make films and write poetry.   In 1970 he staged an Expanded Cinema show at the First International Festival of Underground Cinema at the National Film Theatre in London.  In 1976 he performed at Arte Inglese in Milan and in 1977 as part of Perspectives of British Avant-Garde Film at the Hayward Gallery, London.  There was also a film show at the Pompidou Centre, Paris at this time.  In 1983 Keen staged an Expanded Cinema show at the San Francisco Art Institute where he was also conducting a lecture programme.
Between 1995 and 2005, Keen exhibited paintings, assemblages and films in Brighton at Brighton Media Centre, Fabrica and the Phoenix Gallery.
2016 JEFF KEEN: Cartoon Theatre of Dr Gaz, Kate MacGarry, London, UK
JEFF KEEN: Rayday Film, Hales Gallery, London, UK
2013 Jeff Keen, Kate MacGarry, London, UK
2012 Shoot the WRX, Brighton Museum & Art Gallery, Brighton, UK
Gazapocalypse – Return of the Golden Age, The Tanks at the Tate Modern, London, UK
Jeff Keen, Elizabeth Dee Gallery, New York, U.S.A
2011 Art Elysees, Paris, France
Jeff Keen, Galerie Du Centre, Paris, France
2017 Fifteen, Kate MacGarry, London, UK
2012 STILL, Frith Street Gallery, London, UK
British Pop Art, Galerie Du Centre, Paris, France
International Group Show, New York, U.S.A
1602 Broadway, New York, U.S.A


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