Selected Works

Marcus Coates, The Sounds of Others, A Biophonic Line, 2014, Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester
Marcus Coates, A Question of Movement, 2011, single channel video, 34.37 mins
Marcus Coates, The Trip, 2010, single-channel video, 34.28 mins
Marcus Coates, The Plover's Wing - A meeting with the Mayor of Holon, Israel, 2008, Blu-ray HD Video, 22 mins
Marcus Coates, Red Fox (Self Portrait), 1999, archival inkjet print
Marcus Coates, Journey to The Lower World (Coot), 2004, archival inkjet print, 115 x 163 cm
Marcus Coates, Journey to the Lower World, 2004, performance, digital video, 28:13 min
Marcus Coates, Dawn Chorus, installation view at Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, 2007
Marcus Coates, Dawn Chorus, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, 2007
Marcus Coates, Dawn Chorus, 2007, 14 Channel HD Video Installation, 18 mins
Marcus Coates, Finfolk, 2003, single channel video, 7.38 min
Marcus Coates, A Guide To British Non-Passerines, 2001, single screen video, duration: 32.56 mins
Marcus Coates, Ritual for Reconciliation: Kestrel (Falco Tinnunculus) England, 2013, pigment on Hahnemuhle 100% α-cellulose, laid finished rice paper, 60 x 48 x 9 cm (framed)
Marcus Coates, Tools for the Spirit World: Anti-Bribery Necklace, 2010, pigment print, 44 x 52 cm (framed)
Marcus Coates, Tools for the Spirit World: Compound Lenses, 2010, pigment print, 52 x 44 cm (framed)
Marcus Coates, installation view, Kate MacGarry, 2012
Marcus Coates, Platonic Spirit: Running Grey Wolf, 2012, MDF, paint, 204 x 98 x 33 cm
Marcus Coates, The Albatross Species, 2012, 22 stacked standard size scaffold boards, 360 x 82 x 22 cm
Marcus Coates, British Moths, 2011, silver gelatin prints, 31 x 25 cm
Marcus Coates, Galapagos Fashions, performance, Galapagos, Ecuador
Marcus Coates, Human Report, 2008, pigment print, 76.9 x 63.8 cm
Marcus Coates, Crucifixes for Various, 2000, lolly sticks, elastic bands, paperclips, 64 x 154 cm
Marcus Coates, Stoat, 1999, single-channel video, 1 min 53 seconds
Marcus Coates, Self Portrait (Natural), 1998, C-type print, 100 x 75 cm
Marcus Coates, Self-Portrait Underground (Worcestershire), 1998, silver gelatin print, wood tray frame, 168 x 122 cm




You Might As Well Ask A Crow, Workplace Gallery, Gateshead, 2016
Marcus Coates, Kate MacGarry, London, UK, 2015
Station to Station, The Barbican Centre, London, UK, 2015
Marcus Coates, Workplace Gallery, Gateshead, 2015
The Sounds of Others: A Biophonic Line, Manchester Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester, UK, 2014
Vision Quest: A Ritual for Elephant and Castle, Workplace Gallery, Gateshead, UK, 2014
Unconcious Reasoning Winner of the Bank of America Merill Lynch, 2013
Create London Artist Commission, Barbican, London, UK, 2013
Anchorhold – Meetings with Marcus Coates, Hai arts, Island of Hailuoto, Finalnd, 2013
Create London, Artist Commission, Barbican, London, UK, 2013
185x49x29cm. Workplace Gallery, Gateshead, UK, 2013
Follow the Voice, City in the City, Canary Wharf Screen, Art on the Underground, London, UK, 2013
Proxy, Kate MacGarry, London, UK,2012
Marcus Coates, Workplace Gallery, Gateshead, UK,2012
Dawn Chorus, Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Aberystwyth, UK, 2012
Follow The Voice, Canary Warf, Screen, London, UK, 2012
Vision Quest: a ritual for Elephant & Castle, Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre, London, UK, 2012
Stories from the Lower World, Alberta, Canada, 2012
Eva International
 Biennial of Visual Art, Limerick City, Ireland, 2012
Skills Exchange: Urban Transformation and the Politics of Care, a project for the Process Room at the Serpentine Gallery, London, UK, 2011
The Trip, Serpentine Gallery, London, UK, 2011
Implicit Sound, ESPAI 13, Fundació Joan Miró, Barcelona, Spain, 2010
Questions & Answers, Kate MacGarry, London, UK, 2010
Port Eliot Festival, Cornwall (performance), UK, 2010
Psychopomp, Milton Keynes Gallery, Milton Keynes, UK, 2010
Marcus Coates, Tomio Koyama Gallery, Tokyo (in conjunction with Daiwa Foundation Art Prize), Japan, 2009
Marcus Coates, Mori Art Museum, Tokyo (performance), Japan, 2009
Follow the Voice, Unitarian Church, Shrewsbury. UK
Vision Quest (with Chrome Hoof) (performance), Coronet Theatre, London, UK, 2009
Marcus Coates, NOMA New Orleans Museum of Art, New Orleans, U.S.A, 2009
Marcus Coates, Kunsthalle Zurich – Parallel Space (exhibition and performance), Zurich, 2009
Marcus Coates, Newlyn Art Gallery, UK, 2009
The Plover’s Wing, Workplace Gallery, Gateshead, UK, 2009
This Wild Melody (performance), Barbican Art Gallery, London, UK, 2008
Spirit Caravan (performance), Hayward Gallery, London, UK, 2008
Pastoral Spirit (performance), Wallspace, All Hallows Church, London, UK
Human Report (TV Broadcast), Channel 9 TV, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, 2008
Marcus Coates, Whitechapel Gallery, London, UK, 2007
Dawn Chorus (screening), 52nd Venice Biennale, Italy, 2007
Dawn Chorus, Picture This, Bristol and Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead, UK, 2007
Cycle Parking and Prostitution, Rekord Gallery, Oslo, Norway, 2007
A Heligoland for Souls (performance), Experiment Marathon, Serpentine Gallery, London, UK, 2007
HaPazura (exhibition and performance), Israeli Centre for Digital Art, Holon, Israel, 2007
Dawn Chorus (performance), Arnolfini, Bristol, UK, 2007
100 Ways to Change the World (performance), Hayward Gallery, London, UK, 2007
Pub Shaman – The Event (performance), The Lamp Tavern, Birmingham, UK, 2007
Solo screening, Artes Mundi, Cardiff, UK, 2007
Kamikuchi (performance), Grizedale Arts, Ikebukuru, Tokyo, Japan, 2006
Performance, Grizedale Arts, Super Deluxe, Tokyo, Japan, 2006
The Mouth of God (performance), Grizedale Arts, A-Foundation, Liverpool Biennial 06, UK, 2006
Solo Screening – in Conversation with Mark Wallinger, ICA, London, UK, 2006
Marcus Coates – Glasgow International, Market Gallery, Glasgow, UK, 2006
Marcus Coates’ Films 99-2005 – Solo Screening, Side Cinema, Newcastle, UK, 2005
Journey to the Lower World, Café Gallery Projects, London, UK, 2004
Unbecoming, The Gymnasium, Berwick upon Tweed, UK, 2003
Chiffchaff (performance), Compton Verney, The Bandstand, Leamington Spa and Herbert Gallery and Museum, Coventry, UK, 2001


THIS IS A VOICE, Wellcome Collection, London, UK, 2016
Beastly, Photomuseum Winterthur, Basel, Switzerland, 2015
British Council Touring Exhibition, Okayama Prefectural Museum of Art, Japan, 2015
Disappearing Nature, 8 Duke Street, St James’, London, UK, 2014
Ghost Nature, Gallery 300, University of Illinois, Chicago, U.S.A, 2014
Projections Animaliè, La Box, École Nationale Supérieure d’Art de Bourges, Bourges, 2014
Synthetic Ritual, Pitzer Art galleries, Pitzer College, Claremont, California, U.S.A, 2011
Transformation, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Japan, 2010
New acquisitions at Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, UK, 2010
From Ritual to Theatre, Ancient & Modern, London, UK, 2010
Adaptation, The Power Plant, Toronto, Canada, 2010
The Perfect Exhibition, Heidelberger Kunstverein, Heidelberg, Germany, 2010
The Beauty of Distance – Songs of Survival in a Precarious Age, 17th Biennale of Sydney, Sydney, Heidelberg
Artist’s Body, Coreana Museum, Seoul, 2010
Grand National – Art from Britain, Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium, Norway, 2010
Exposition of Mythology – Electronic Technology, Nam June Paik Art Centre, Seoul, 2009
Altermodern, Tate Triennial, Tate Britain, London, UK, 2009
Lisson Presents 2, Lisson Gallery, London, UK, 2009
Trying To Cope with Things that aren’t Human, David Cunningham Projects, San Francisco, U.S.A, 2009
Living Together, Centro Cultural Montehermoso, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain, 2009
Ventriloquist, Timothy Taylor Gallery, London, UK, 2009
A Duck for Mr. Darwin, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead, UK, 2009
Tier-Werden, Mensch-Werden, NGBK Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst, Berlin, 2009
ART futures, Bloomberg Space, London, UK, 2009
The Animal Gaze, Centre for Contemporary Art and The Natural World, Exeter, 2009
Tomorrow the Future, Fishmarket Gallery, Northampton, UK, 2008
Manifesta 7 – European Biennial of Contemporary Art, Trento, Italy, 2008
Videozone – Israeli Video Art Biennial, CCA, Tel Aviv, Israel, 2008
All My Favourite Singers Couldn’t Sing, Workplace Gallery, Gateshead, UK, 2008
Laughing in a Foreign Language, Hayward Gallery, London, 2008
Hamsterwheel, Malmo Konsthall, Malmo, Sweden, 2008
Martian Museum of Terrestrial Art, Barbican Art Gallery, London, UK, 2008
Harry Smith Anthology Remixed, CCA, Glasgow, UK, 2008
Experimental Marathon, Reykjavik Art Museum, Iceland, 2008
Micro-narratives : tentation des petites réalités, Musée d’Art moderne de Saint-Etienne, France, 2008
Trust in Me, Charles H.Scott Gallery, Vancouver, Canada, 2008
Goggle på jorden, Galleri Charlotte Lund, Stockholm, Sweden, 2008
The Brotherhood of Subterranea, Kunstbunker, Nuremberg, Germany, 2008
Grounded (Now Hear This), AV Festival, Middlesborugh, UK, 2008
A Lower World, Pleasure Dome, Toronto, Canada, 2008
HaPazura, Israeli Centre for Digital Art, Holon, Israel, 2007
Persona Non Grata, One in the Other, London, UK, 2007
Micro-Narratives, 48th October Salon, Belgrade, Serbia, 2007
Hamsterwheel, 52nd Venice Biennale, Corderie dell’Arsenale, Venice, Italy, 2007
Dark Mirror, Netherlands Institute for Media Arts – Montevideo, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2007
False Witness, Workplace Gallery, Gateshead, UK, 2007
Extend your Neck, Café Gallery Projects, London, 2007
Metteurs en Scène, Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh, 2007
Return of the Seven Samurai, Lucy Mackintosh Gallery, Lausanne, Switzerland, 2007
Nature Revisited, Tou Scene, Stavanger, Norway, 2007
Waterlog, Norwich Castle Museum, Norwich and The Collection, Lincoln, 2007
Emotional Man, CACT Centro d’Arte Contemporanea Ticino, Bellinzona, Switzerland, 2006
The Nature of Misunderstanding, CACT Centro d’Arte Contemporanea Ticino, Bellinzona, Switzerland, 2006
Absent Without Leave, Bucharest Biennial, Romania, 2006
Seven Samurai, Toge, Japan, 2006
Sinking Toward Wishy Mountain, The Royal Standard, Liverpool Biennial 06, Liverpool, 2006
Radio Shaman, Rogaland Kunstsenter, Stavanger, Norway, 2006
Action, FRAC-Provence-Alpes-Cote-D’Azur, Marseille, France, 2006
Where the Wild Things Are, Dundee Contemporary Arts, Dundee, UK, 2006
The Scarecrow, The Evangelos Averoff-Tositsas Foundation, Metsovo, Greece, 2006
Forsbacka Bruk Art Project, Forsbacka, Sweden, 2006
God is a Gallery, Gallery Galuzin, Oslo, Norway, 2006
British Art Show 6, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead, and touring the UK, 2005
Hilchot Shechenim, Israeli Centre for Digital Art, Holon, Israel, 2005
Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival 05, Berwick upon Tweed, UK, 2005
Clerkenwell Film Festival, various venues, London, 2005
Human Nature, Pump House Gallery, London, 2005
Faltering Flame, Graves Art Gallery, Sheffield, 2005
Shrinking Cities, Kunstwerke, Berlin, Germany, 2004
Disguise, Manchester City Art Gallery, Manchester, UK, 2004
The Bigger Picture, BBC Outdoor Public Screen, Manchester, UK, 2004
Simulation Summit, Banff Centre for the Arts, Banff, Alberta, Canada, 2004
Only a Game, Impressions Gallery, York, UK, 2004
Panic Picturesque, CCA, Glasgow, UK, 2003
The Human Zoo, Hatton Gallery, Newcastle University, Newcastle, UK, 2003
Mother Nature, Vilma Gold, London, UK, 2003
Further Up In the Air, Shiel Park Housing Block, Liverpool, UK, 2003
Commotion, Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol, UK, 2003
The Space Between Us, Vane, Newcastle, UK, 2003
Flock, Spacex, Exeter, UK, 2003
Out of Season, Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, UK, 2002
“Here…” (Videorom), GAMeC Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Bergamo, Italy, 2002
Videorom, MACRO, Museo d’ Arte Contemporenea, Rome, Gian Carlo Zanutti Gallery, Milan, Italy, 2002
Flock, Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge, UK, 2002
Local Birds, Allenheads Contemporary Arts, Northumberland, UK, 2002
Videorom, 1st Bienal de Valencia, Spain, 2001
Dawn Chorus, Channel 4, UK, 2001
OX1, Oscillations and Vibrations, Performance and Sound Festival, Oxford, UK, 2001
A Public Auction of Private Works, Kimbolton Castle, Cambridge, UK, 2001
GB3CV, Compton Verney, Warwick, UK, 2001
The Oriel Mostyn Open, Llandudno, Wales, UK, 2000
The Grizedale Show, Grizedale, Cumbria, UK, 2000
Evidence of Existence, Kunstraum Siegert, Basel, Switzerland, 1999
Good Crop Bad Crop, Grizedale, Cumbria, UK, 1999
BT New Contemporaries, Cornerhouse Gallery, Manchester, 1993


1990-93 Post Graduate Diploma, Royal Academy of Art
1987–90 BA Fine Art, Kent Institute of Art and Design


Daiwa Foundation Art Prize, 2009
Paul Hamlyn Foundation Award for Artists, 2008


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Andrews, Max, Marcus Coates: In Profile, Picture This, Bristol, 2007
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Warr, Tracey, Marcus Coates, Grizedale Books, 2002


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Grizedale in Tokyo, Japan, 2006
Liverpool Biennial, Stavanger, Norway, 2006
Further up in the Air, Liverpool, 2003
Berwick Gymnasium, Berwick upon Tweed, UK, 2002
Wysing Arts, Cambridgeshire, UK, 2002
Allenheads Centre for Contemporary Art, Allenheads, Northumberland, UK, 2001
Grizedale Forest, Cumbria, UK, 1999
Orchard Gallery, Derry, Northern Ireland, 1993


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