05 September - 12 October 2008

Selected Works

Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard, Walking Over Acconci (Misdirected Reproaches), Blu-Ray HD video, 15 mins (still)
Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard, Walking Over Acconci (Misdirected Reproaches), Blu-Ray HD video, 15 mins (still)

Press Release

For their second solo show at Kate MacGarry, Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard present a new work that pushes their recent series of re-working video and performance work from the early 1970s one step further. Walking Over Acconci (Misdirected Reproaches) is both a re-working and a response to a re-working, again twisting the language of contemporary urban music culture. In 2005 for their first solo exhibition at the gallery, Forsyth and Pollard worked with a young MC, Plan B, to re-interpret and transform Vito Acconci’s Walk-Over (Indirect Approaches) (1973).  The result, Walking After Acconci (Redirected Approaches), updated Acconci’s harsh second-person narrative address, combining it with the slick aesthetic of contemporary music videos. Speaking directly to the camera, the viewer is cast as the spurned lover watching as Plan B paces the corridor outside detailing the perks of his new lover after leaving “a girl as average as you.”

Applying the musical tradition of the ‘answer song’, the new film, Walking Over Acconci (Misdirected Reproaches), gives voice to the other side of the story. Like Smokey Robinson’s Got a Job in response to the Silhouette’s 1958 hit Get a Job, or the song feud between Neil Young’s Southern Man and Lynyrd Skynrd’s Sweet Home Alabama and more recently Eamon and Frankee’s manufactured chart spat F.U.R.B., there is a fluid space of myth and rumour that moves between each narrative. Casting young female electro MC Miss Odd Kidd, Walking Over Acconci similarly draws on Acconci’s original to create a new, stand alone work, while also providing its own direct, razor sharp rebuttal to Plan B’s previous claims. In its confrontation, complicit with and completed by you the viewer, the film extends beyond the re-make to create its own performative genealogy.

Walking Over Acconci (Misdirected Reproaches), 2008. Blu-Ray HD Video, duration: 15 minutes.

Iain Forsyth born Manchester 1973, Jane Pollard born Newcastle 1972, they live and work in London. Selected exhibitions: Run For Me, The Great North Run Moving Image Commission, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead, 10 September – 19 October 2008, Silent Sound, Art Basel Miami Beach, December 2007, History Will Repeat Itself, Strategies of Re-enactment in Contemporary (Media) Art and Performance, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin, October 2007 – January 2008. Forsyth and Pollard are currently making 14 short video works for Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Do You Love Me Like I Love You, for release in November 2008.

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