Helen Cammock: Life and Herstories (Autobiography as Dialogue) at Villa Romana, Florence

10 November - 17 December 2021

The second show of the series (inaugurated with Chiara Camoni and Stefania Galegati's exhibition, 25 Sep ‒ 25 Oct 2021), presents works by Ottonella Mocellin /Nicola Pellegrini and Helen Cammock and investigates the manner in which autobiographical narratives become intertwined with other human experiences, dismantling and rewriting official history. Complex narratives recreate personal and collective memories offering a different account that redefines our view of the world. In the artists' work, familiar and personal narratives resonate with a greater humanity, as may be found in all life experiences. The dialogue format and the construction of the narrative, which may also be produced through a montage of different sources, are essential elements in the works of the artists participating in the exhibition. They are the expression of an inside point of view, but at the same time they bear witness to the urgency of an upward-driven tension. Recounted personal or social incidents offer the chance for a new reflection upon the tensions between time present and its roots buried deep in time past. These shed a new light on the geopolitical dynamics that are profoundly rooted in the territory, but are, at the same time, bearers of a global dimension. In Mocellin /Pellegrini's works as well as in Cammock's, the autobiographical point of view is expressed in a narrative that is mindful of the everyday quality of events and bears an antiheroic slant that makes it possible to make History by telling the stories.

18 November 2021