Rana Begum: No. 1187 Mesh at Moody Center for the Arts, Houston, Texas

September 16 - December 17 2022

Rana Begum's No. 1187  Mesh is an ambitious site-specific project, part of 'Urban Impressions' at Moody Center for the Arts in Houston, Texas.


The commissioned work consists of two parts, one located in front of the Moody's entrance, the other sited next to the Rice School of Architecture, Anderson Hall. The multi-location of a single work enables Begum to visibly and conceptually tie the exhibition's focus on the built environment to the campus's architecture. In so doing, the artist creates an innovative exploration of Rice's engineered and natural surroundings, which underpins the Moody's Platform series. 


Made of locally-sourced, powder-coated industrial steel mesh units, the work emerges from combining and stacking these modular units into two large assemblies. Each of the two parts of No. 1187 Mesh activates the adjacent buildings and surrounding environs. A multi-module installation, the work reflects the city of Houston as a sprawling metropolis with multiple central districts and an urban population distributed over a large area. 


Rana Begum, No.1187 Mesh is organized by Frauke V. Josenhans, Curator, Moody Center for the Arts.


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20 September 2022