Bernard Piffaretti

1980-2016 Catalog Raisonné
Jens Asthoff, Paul Galvez, Marie Muracciole, 2016
Soft cover 392 pages
Publisher: MAMCO
ISBN: 978-2-940159-82-6
Dimensions: 22.5 x 27 cm

Since the beginning of the 1980s, Bernard Piffaretti implements a simple and immutable protocol in the realization of his paintings: he divides each canvas in two equal surfaces; then he reproduces on one side what he first painted on the other side. What seems at first like a child’s game actually produces peculiarly complex effects. Here, the painting disregards ideas of style, uniqueness, even originality, and places repetition at the very heart of creation. The result is an abundant oeuvre, unclassifiable in many ways, of which this publication, the first major monography dedicated to Bernard Piffaretti, offers a large overview. This  catalogue featuring analyses from art historians and critics, is a journey through contemporary painting, a vantage point on art from this period.


Texts by Jens Asthoff, Paul Galvez, Marie Muracciole

English / French

Soft cover
Bernard Piffaretti: 1980-2016 Catalog Raisonné
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