Selected Works

Goshka Macuga, installation view, Frieze Art Fair, 2014
Goshka Macuga, installation view, performance at the Berlin Biennale, 2014
Goshka Macuga, installation view, performance at the Berlin Biennale, 2014
Goshka Macuga, Death of Marxism, Women of All Lands Unite, 2013, wool tapestry, 560 x 290 cm
Goshka Macuga, Of what is, that it is, of what is not, that is not I, 2012, wool tapestry, 520 x 1740 cm
Goshka Macuga, Of What Is, That It Is, Of What Is Not, That Is Not II, 2012, wool tapestry, 320 x 1160 cm, installation view, dOCUMENTA (13), Queen's Palace, Kabul, Afghanistan
Goshka Macuga, installation view at Documenta, Kassel, 2012
Goshka Macuga, installation view of It Broke from Within, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, 2011
Goshka Macuga, installation view of It Broke from Within, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, 2011
Goshka Macuga, installation view, Venice Biennale, 2009
Goshka Macuga, installation view, 2009 Textile Art & The Social Fabric MuHKA, Antwerp, 2009
Goshka Macuga, The Nature of the Beast, installation view at Catello di Rivoli, 2010
Goshka Macuga, On the Nature of the Beast, 2009, wool tapestry, 290 x 560 cm
Goshka Macuga, The Nature of the Beast, installation view at Catello di Rivoli, 2010
Goshka Macuga, The Nature of the Beast, installation view at Catello di Rivoli, 2010
Goshka Macuga, installation view, Kunsthalle Basel, 2009
Goshka Macuga, installation view, Kunsthalle Basel, 2009
Goshka Macuga, installation view, Kunsthalle Basel, 2009
Goshka Macuga, installation view, Santhal Family, MuHKA, Antwerp, 2008
Goshka Macuga, installation view, Sao Paulo Biennale, 2006
Goshka Macuga, installation view, Sao Paulo Biennale, 2006
Goshka Macuga, installation view, Turner Prize, 2008, Tate Britain
Goshka Macuga, installation view, Turner Prize, 2008
Goshka Macuga, installation view, Turner Prize, 2008
Goshka Macuga, Boy & Girl, installation view, Objects in Relation, Art Now, Tate Britain, 2007
Goshka Macuga, Sleep of Ulro, The Furnace Commission, A Foundation, Liverpool, 2006
Goshka Macuga, Sleep of Ulro, The Furnace Commission, A Foundation, Liverpool, 2006
Goshka Macuga, Sleep of Ulro, The Furnace Commission, A Foundation, Liverpool, 2006
Goshka Macuga, Sleep of Ulro, The Furnace Commission, A Foundation, Liverpool, 2006
Goshka Macuga, British Art Show, 2005-6, Baltic Gateshead
Goshka Macuga, British Art Show, 2005-6, Baltic Gateshead
Goshka Macuga, installation view, The Straight or Crooked Way, RCA, London, 2003
Goshka Macuga, Picture Room, Gasworks, London, 2003
Goshka Macuga, Somnambulist, 2006, carved wood, fibreglass, real hair, fabric clothes, 33 x 200 x 53 cm
Goshka Macuga, The Obedient, 2010, collage on hand printed silver gelatine print, 33 x 52 cm (unframed)
Goshka Macuga, Stalking Horses, 2007, hand printed silver gelatine print, 40.5 x 30.5 cm
Goshka Macuga, Rock Formation, 2007, hand printed silver gelatine print, 30.5 x 40.5 cm
Goshka Macuga, Madame Blavatsky, 2007, carved wood, fibreglass, fabric clothes, chairs, 114 x 190 x 74 cm
Goshka Macuga, The Past is a Foreign Country: They do Things Differently There (detail), 2006, site-specific installation, Institut Mathildenhöhe, Darmstadt, Germany




Solo exhibition, New Museum, New York

Fondazione Prada commission, Milan


Preparatory Notes for a Chicago Comedy, 8th Berlin Biennale, Museen Dahlem, Berlin

Public Address: Goshka Macuga Tapestries, Lunds Konsthall, Sweden

Madness and Ritual, Galerie Rüdiger Schöttle, Munich


Goshka Macuga: Non-consensual act (in progress), Index, The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation, Stockholm

Sxuality of Atoms, Andrew Kreps Gallery, New York, NY


Goshka Macuga, Andrew Kreps, New York

Exhibit A, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago

Goshka Macuga, Kate MacGarry, London

Untitled, Galerie Rüdiger Schöttle, Munich


Goshka Macuga. Untitled, Zachęta National Gallery of Art, Warsaw

It Broke from Within, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis


Goshka Macuga, Galerie Rüdiger Schöttle, Munich


The Bloomberg Commission – Goshka Macuga, Whitechapel Gallery, London

Goshka Macuga – I Am Become Death, Kunsthalle Basel

All That is Solid Melts into Air, Mechelen, Belgium


Goshka Macuga: Gottessegen, Galerie Rüdiger Schöttle, Munich


Objects in Relation, Art Now, Tate Britain

What’s In a Name, Andrew Kreps Gallery, New York


Sleep of Ulro, The Furnace Commission, A Foundation, Liverpool


Goshka Macuga, Kate MacGarry, London


Kabinett der Abstrakten, Bloomberg Space, London

Picture Room, Gasworks Gallery, London


Friendship of the Peoples (with Declan Clarke), The Project, Dublin,

Untitled, Fundacja Galerii Foksal, Warsaw

Homeless Furniture, Transmission Gallery, Glasgow


Cave, Kunstakuten, Stockholm


Cave, Sali Gia, London



Report from the Exhibition Goshka Macuga & Eustachy Kossakowski, Kate MacGarry, London


Tagore’s Universal Allegories (with Anna Boghiguian), Iniva, London

Busted, The High Line, New York, NY

Revolution from Within, Kaufmann Repetto, Milan, Italy


dOCUMENTA (13), Kunsthalle Fridericianum, Kassel, Germany and Queen’s Palace, Kabul, Afghanistan


Secret Societies: To Know, To Dare, To Will, To Keep Silence, CACP, musee d’art contemporain de Bordeaux


Traccia 02 (with Pinot Gallizio), curated by Francesca Comisso, Galleria Martano, Turin

Newspeak: British Art Now pt.1, Saatchi Gallery, London

The Curse of Imagination, The Bunkier Sztuki Contemporary Art Gallery, Krakow, Poland

Tutto e’ connesso: ricerche e approfondimenti nell’arte dell’ultimo decennio attraverso la collezione, Castello di Rivoli, Turin, Italy.

Strange Comfort (Afforded by the Profession), curated by Adam Szymczyk, Istituto Svizzero, Rome; travelling to Kunsthalle Basel in 2011.

Star City, The Future Under Communism, Nottingham Contemporary

Use & Mention, Stephen Lawrence Gallery, University of Greenwich, London

Eastbound, KAI 10, Raum für Kunst, Düsseldorf


We’re Moving, Royal College of Art

The Dark Monarch: Magic and Modernity in British Art, Tate St.Ives

Textile Art and the Social Fabric, MuHKA Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp

53rd Venice Biennale: Fare Mondi/Making Worlds, Corderie dell’Arsenale, Venice

Modern Ruins, Kate MacGarry


Turner Prize 2008, Tate Britain, September 2008 – January 2009

That beautiful pale face is my fate (For Lord Byron), Newstead Abbey, Nottinghamshire

The Great Transformation: Art and Tactical Magic, Frankfurter Kunstverein; travelling to MARCO, Museo de Arte Contemporanea de Vigo, Spain

Tales of Disbelief, La Galerie, Noisy-le-Sec, France

5th Berlin Biennial for Contemporary Art, Neue Nationalgalerie

Cohabitation: 13 Artists and Collage, Francesca Kaufmann, Milan

Martian Museum of Terrestrial Art, Barbican Art Gallery

Santhal Family: Positions Around an Indian Sculpture, MuHKA Museum of Contemporary Art, Antwerp


We’ve Lost Our Heart and Mind, Event Gallery, London, December 2006 – January 2007

Mula sem Cabeça (Headless Mule), How to Live Together, 27th São Paulo Biennial, October – December

Moving in Architecture, (selected by Cyril Lepetit), Camden Arts Centre and Curzon Cinema Soho, London

Mathilda is Calling, Institut Mathildenhöhe, Darmstadt, Germany

3rd Attese Biennale di Ceramica nell’ Arte Contemporanea, Museo della Ceramica Manlio Trucco, Albissola Superiore, Italy

16th Biella Prize for Engraving (curated by Jeremy Lewison), Museo del Territorio Biellese, Biella, Italy,


Communism, Project Arts Centre, Dublin

The British Art Show, Baltic & touring the UK

Go Between, Amt der Landeshauptstadt Kultur, Bregenz, Austria,

Can Buildings Curate? Architectural Association, London

Spring/Summer, curated by Simon Moretti, Program, London


Automn Catalog Leather Fringes, Kunsthalle Basel, Switzerland

Perfectly Placed, South London Gallery, London

Expo 21: Strategies of Display, Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham

Expo 21: Strategies of Display, Mead Gallery, Coventry

Relay, PR04, Puerto Rico

Trackers, PM Gallery, London

Tonight, Studio Voltaire, London


Vis á Vis, Platform, London

Ponce, The Ship, London

Creek, Cell Project, London

The Straight or Crooked Way, Royal College of Art, London

Chockerfuckingblocked, Jeffrey Charles Gallery, London


T.O.F.U, Barts Wells Institute, London

The New Religious Art, Liverpool Biennale

London Underground, Taipei Fine Art Museum, Taipei, Taiwan

Pause, Conception, Gwangju Biennale 2002, Project 1

The House of Horror, Outline Gallery, Amsterdam, Holland

The New Religious Art, Henry Peacock Gallery, London

Woof Woof, Becoming Animal, Project, Dublin, Ireland


Zawody Malarskie, Galeria BWA Bielsko-Biala, Poland

Open Plan P 3 The Marathon, Alphadelta Gallery and Artio Gallery, Athens, Greece

Woof Woof, Becoming Animal, Austrian Cultural Forum, London

Skuggspel, Tullkammaren, Umea, Sweden

Teeth & Trousers, Cell Project Space, London

Forever Yours, Wooden Heart, London

Free Wahlen/Uptight out of control 3, Staatliche Kunsthalle, Baden Baden

Avalanche, Hales Gallery, London

Curatorial Mutiny Part 4, Nylon, London

A very nice film club, Vilma Gold, London


The Mountain and the Valley, Cubitt Gallery, London (curated with Dexter Dalwood and Matthew Leahy)


1995-6 Goldsmiths College, MA Fine Art

1991-5 Central St. Martins, BA Hons Fine Art



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Bond, Bryony; Boundy, Fiona; Macuga, Goshka, Sleep of Ulro, Liverpool: A Foundation, Liverpool, London: Kate MacGarry & Rotterdam: Veenman Publishers, 2007



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