Goshka Macuga

The Nature of the Beast
Goshka Macuga, 2010
Newspaper 72 pages
Publisher: Whitechapel Gallery, London
ISBN: 978-0-85488-180 2
Dimensions: 32 x 21.5cm

This newspaper was published as part of the exhibition ‘The Nature of the Beast’ by artist Goshka Macuga at the Whitechapel Gallery, in which she created a distinctive venue for public gatherings, referencing the gallery’s 1939 hosting of Picasso’s ‘Guernica’. The form of a newspaper gave the information an immediacy in keeping with the idea of news and current events. Typographically it referenced the period of the 1939 exhibition and the information-led design of newspapers in general. It also contained graphic and typographic material from the gallery’s archive. The design, as with the content of the show, reflected the spirit of both past and present.

Goshka Macuga: The Nature of the Beast