Pan Paintings
Hardcover 52 pages
Publisher: Hunters Point Press
ISBN: 9780578634302
Dimensions: 25 x 25 cm


For nearly five decades New York–based artist B. Wurtz (born 1948) has transformed humble materials and discarded objects into humorous and wryly beautiful works of art. This full-color, Swiss-bound monograph focuses on the artist’s iconic series of ”pan paintings” made on disposable aluminum roasting pans and to-go containers. In 1990, Wurtz discovered patterns stamped in the bottom of these mass-produced products and grasped their potential as “readymade abstract paintings.” In the three decades since, he has worked across a wide variety of pan shapes and sizes, applying dazzling combinations of color using the patterns as predetermined compositions. Collected here for the first time, Pan Paintings provides an overview of the various permutations in color and shape that comprise this long-term series. The book includes an essay by art historian and curator Erica Cooke which considers this critically acclaimed body of work and its deep entanglement with the craft-oriented ethos and amateur culture of postwar America.


Editor: Barney Kulok
Designer: Ann Bobco

Essay by Erica Cooke

B.Wurtz: Pan Paintings