05 July - 04 August 2007

Selected Works

Josh Blackwell, installation view, Kate MacGarry, 2007
Josh Blackwell, Red Black, 2007, paper, gouache, 120 x 145 cm
Josh Blackwell, Jamal (XL), 2007, paper, gouache, pins, 122 x 140 cm
Josh Blackwell, Franz, 2007, paper, gouache, 122 x 140 cm
Josh Blackwell, Red Burgundy, 2007, paper, gouache, 120 x 145 cm
Josh Blackwell, installation view, Kate MacGarry, 2007

Press Release

For Josh Blackwell’s second solo show at Kate MacGarry, they have made a series of drawings on paper depicting sweaters.

This body of work investigates woven and knitted textures as repetitive action. The drawings feature garish, rustic sweaters whose knitted surfaces are comprised of small marks repeated in wobbly sequence. Using paper as a pattern piece, the sweater is cut out, and painted with gouache. Testing the limits of corporeality as defined by clothing, these works deploy awkward shapes fusing bodily silhouettes with minimal compositions that refer to the works of Frank Stella, Richard Tuttle and Sonia Delaunay amongst others.

The title of the exhibition …the march of casualization is not so easily stopped refers to a newspaper article about men choosing to wear their shirttails un-tucked and the societal ramifications of a general relaxing of formalities in dress and manners. Neither committed to canvas, stretched over a support, nor rectilinear in shape, these pieces hover between clothing and abstraction, possibly signifying a casualization of painting itself.

Josh Blackwell born 1972 lives and works in New York.

Selected Exhibitions:

East International 2007, selected by Matthew Higgs and Marc Camille Chaimowicz, Norwich Gallery, Norwich School of Art and Design, 2007

Men and Materials, Jeff Bailey Gallery, New York, 2006

Josh Blackwell, Galleria Alessandro de March, Milan, 2005

Diamonds for Workers, Kate MacGarry, London, 2005

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